Enjoy the eccentric game of Dominoes online from the comfort of your home the eccentric game of Dominoes online from the comfort of your home. Traditional Dominoes game is played using a bunch of rectangular shaped tiles with different varied dots on each.  This group of tiles is referred to as ‘set.’  Every tile has a combination of numbers representing each of the 21 number on a deck of card.  A standard tile set consists of 28 tiles; each tile has two sets of numbers, split with a black line between the two numbers. Tile with numbers 6 and 3 may be referred as 6-3 or 3-6.  Tiles with the same number twice are referred to as “double.”

The tiles may be made of any of the following materials: wood, stone, ivory, bone, ceramic clay.  Although 28 tile set is the most standard and preferred one, there may be larger tile sets for larger group of players.


There are two kinds of online dominoes websites available.  In the first kind, you can play online dominoes for pretend or play money.  On contrary, certain websites permit you to play for play money along with actual real money. Despite the game being same on both sites, the objective is dissimilar for both.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dominoes

These games are designed for fun and can be played by individuals of all age groups – whether a child, youth, adult or an elderly personnel.  You may wish to play these games on your mobile phone or laptop, depending on your preference.  Some may choose to play it for hours while others may have fixed and limited time frame designated for it. The best part about these games is their no-commitment no-nonsense attitude.

The disadvantage of the online dominoes is the fact that most of the websites don’t require real commitment.  This may cause novices and newcomers to try it out for a bit and even leave a game in between.  Especially since there is no penalty associated with it.  If you are seeking a gaming experience which will help you get a professional feel and commitment, then you must visit score88poker.bid.  They understand your drive to gain the exposure and experience of an actual live casino from the remote location of your home.  They do everything possible to give you a pleasurable experience. Their agents and customer service personnel are always here to help you get a unique experience.

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